Ckeditor toolbar icons

The module author included a note below the toolbar selector, you can open the" ckeditor. config. js" located in and create your custom toolbar there. It will appear in the selector after you create it. 2) Ideally I'd like to replace the toolbar icons with buttons which describe the feature using a word instead of a picture. (Like the editor in this forum) The tooltips popups are great, but it might be greater if they weren't needed.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The CKEditor toolbar buttons are illustrated with meaningful icons. If, however, you are not sure what functions they perform, hover the mouse cursor over the buttons to see a tooltip with the name of the function.

I can't add new icons (tabs) in CKEditor toolbar, in EDITOR APPEARANCE options. Whatever I choose it only gives me default toolbar. I tried all versions. What should I do? This blog explains to make custom CKEditor Plugin (tool bar button with dialog popup). This plugin is able to add custom button link with fontawesome icons. This was NOT an FCKeditor problem, but rather a corrupted Firefox profile.

I created a new profile, copied my bookmarks. html file over, and now all the toolbar icons are displaying perfectly. I'm not sure how or why my Firefox profile got corrupted, or if there is a less drastic fix than creating a new profile, but it worked for me.

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