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The Help option in the GroupWise client contains a complete list of icons and their functions. To access this information, choose Help, Help Topics.

Then, on the Index tab, type icons. 1. 10 Identifying Icons That Appear Next to Items The icons that appear next to items in your Mailbox, Sent Items folder, and the Calendar show information about the items. The following table explains what each icon means. Upgraded Novell GroupWise WebAccess to version 7. Resolution Replace the index. html file in your document root with the index. html Manually size the GroupWise client window by dragging its borders to occupy your full screen.

Do not use the Maximize button. If you want GroupWise permanently maximized, you can rightclick the GroupWise desktop icon, then click Properties. GroupWise 7 offers a number of features to improve message management. You may organize your email items with colorcoded categories, personalize the subject of an item, Doubleclick the icon on your desktop to open GroupWise. 2. GroupWise Groupwise 7 icons open to your Home View.

GroupWise 7. 0 Screen Calendar, Sent Items, and Contacts. With GroupWise 7. 0 you also have the ability to customize the Navigation bar to include a tab for any of the options in your Folder List.

Customizing Your Navigation Bar 1. Click on the Web resources about Faint Notify Icon Comufy Notify Allows App Developers To Tap Facebooks Notifications API Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Comufy devised a way for application developers to use the social D.

Find in GroupWise: Used to perform a search in GroupWise. E. Create New Mail: Used to create and send a new Mail Message. F. Schedule New Appointment: Used to create a GroupWise 7. 0 Module# 1: Introduction to GroupWise Page 3 Customizing the Panels and Number of Columns 1. Rightclick the folder that you want to modify the panels for, then click Properties. 2. Click the Display tab. 3. Select Panels from the View By dropdown list.

4. Click Customize Panels. 5. Enterprise Server 10. 1 Product Overview Novell GroupWise 7 provides substantial improvements over GroupWise 6. x in six areas: Windows Client Enhancements: The Windows client has a new look and feel that includes the Navigation Bar, Panels, Home Folder, color schemes, and new icons.

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