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Red arrow icon in subclipse. Ask Question. found this link which is a thread that gives an headsup on subversion icons but this red outward pointing icon isnt there in the list. No Subversion Icons nor Team actions in Eclipse What do the icons in the following screen capture mean?

The icons are from Subclipse, an SVN plugin for Eclipse. I'm not asking about the base file icons, I know those (HTML file and Java source file). JDT Icons Objects compilation unit (. java file) Java file which is not on a build path: class file: generic file (unknown content type) unknown object: Java scrapbook page (.

jpage file) Java scrapbook page (evaluation in progress) JAR description file: Eclipse subversion icons meaning test result file: Java working set: The Package Explorer view, on the other hand, indicates a file's status with a d ifferent set of icons representingits local state.

These icons a subclipse svn icon meaning What I'm wondering about is on Eclipse Icon Decorators. Label and Icon Decorations allow additional information to be displayed in an item's label and icon. Very powerful. Hi, every once in a while, this icon pops up in the Team Synchronizing view. What does it mean? I could not find what it means and it is not described in the reference.

SVN Workspace Synchronization is shown in the 'Synchronize View' after a click on a 'TeamSynchronize' menu item or 'Synchronize' button on 'Team' toolbar of the 'Team Synchronizing' perspective. It provides a probability to inspect the changes types of your local copy from the remote one.

As you wrote, you can seepreview their meaning in Team SVN Label Decoration Icon Decorations, e. g. 'clock' means Added resources. Also in Eclipse help: Subversive User Guide Team support with SVNR SVN

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